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The biggest German typography website. Started in 2001.

The fastest growing English typography community.

FDI Type Foundry
An independent German type foundry. Founded in 2004.

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YouTube Channel
Free educational videos
Part of the Typography.Guru brand. A YouTube channel presenting knowledge, tips and tricks from the field of typography. 
Typography Weekly
Community newsletter
Also part of the Typography.Guru brand. A community-driven newsletter presenting the best links from the field of the typography once a week. 
Guru Academy
Online courses
Professional online courses presented by Schriftkontor Ralf Herrmann. Learn to master typography.
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Letter Library
Type specimen archive
Preserving the history of type presentations. An online archive of type specimens from around the world. In collaboration with Pavillon-Presse Weimar.

Work in progress

About Ralf Herrmann

He studied graphic design at the prestigious Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany and ran a design studio for more than 15 years with a partner, before working exclusively on his typography and community projects as Schriftkontor Ralf Herrmann. 
He is also the chairman of the board at the printing museum Pavillon-Presse in Weimar, which houses a an extraordinary library of typography & type specimen books. 

Public speaking

Ralf Herrmann gives talks on typographic topics. 

2009: Sign09 Conference, Vienna, Austria; Book Fair Leipzig, Germany; Forum Typografie, Weimar, Germany  2010: Typo Berlin, Germany; Webfontday Munich, Germany; Typogravieh lebt Symposium, Weimar, Germany  2011: AtypI Reykjavík, Island; Webfontday Munich, Germany; Buchstabenmuseum Berlin, Germany  2012: Publishing Conference Munich, Germany; Tag der Schrift Zürich, Switzerland  2015: Dortmund (Dialoge über Bücher), Typotage Leipzig, Walbaum-Wochende Weimar  2017: Pavillon-Presse Weimar, Germany. 2019: Pavillon-Presse Weimar, Germany.
Ralf Herrmann
Paul-Schneider-Str. 47 
99425 Weimar 

Business type: sole proprietor
EU VAT ID: DE295347801 
Phone: +49 3643 77 77 66 
E-mail: kontor @ ralf-herrmann.de
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