Letter Library—the online archive of type specimens

Type specimen sheets, booklets and books document the development of moveable type and the ever-changing styles of typography throughout the world. At the moment, this cultural heritage is stored on the shelves of libraries or private collectors and scans appear only scattered across the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if type specimens could come together in one big curated, non-commercial online archive, which can be easily browsed and filtered for inspiration, font digitizations, scientific research and much more?

Let’s built it together! Let’s get in touch! Please join the discussion in this forum topic on Typography.Guru or email me at kontor AT ralf-herrmann.de. I am looking for people and institutions who might be willing to contribute to this project in any way.

Ralf Herrmann

I want to see type specimens now!

While this archive is still in development, you can enjoy some type specimens here: