Banner ads on Schriftkontor Websites

You can directly buy ad slots for our two community sites and Typography.Guru. On these sites we now deliver more than 2.5 million page views every month to an audience specifically interested in fonts, typography and graphic design. If you sell products in this area, our sites are one of the best places on the internet to advertise these products.
Highly targeted to an audience interested in fonts and typography.
Relevant image-only ads, that users actually appreciate.
Unique/responsive multi-banners for higher conversions.
Secure & private without scripting and external calls. launched in 2001 and is the biggest and most influential German typography website.
Page views per month:
> 2M
Forum posts:
> 200K
Registered Members:
> 25K
Facebook follower:
> 13.6K
Twitter follower:
> 4.4K
Newsletter recipients:
> 17K
Typography.Guru launched in 2015. It is now the fastest growing international typography community.
Page views per month:
> 600K
KForum posts:
> 7K
Twitter follower:
> 11.8K
Facebook follower:
> 2.6K

Frequently Asked Questions

Which banner formats are available?
Banner formats
For our ad rotation, the following formats are available. The Responsive banner is recommended.

Classic Landscape Banner: 728×90 (or Retina resolution of 1456×180) 
Sidebar Banner: 300×300 (or Retina resolution of 600×600) 
Responsive: 4 images 300×150 (or Retina resolution of 600×300 each). This ad stretches across the full site width on desktop browsers and shows the first two images vertically on small devices. 

For our monthly site sponsor banner in the footer, the required format is 1000 × 333 pixels. 
Which ad types/image formats are possible?
Banner types
In the interest of our users, we only allow JPG, PNG and GIF without animation. 
We do not set file size limits, but please try to keep the file size as low as the image allows. 
Who can advertise?
In the interest of our guests we prefer ads which are directly targeted at people interested in fonts and typography. Examples would be ads for fonts or type and graphic design software. 
If you want to place other ads, please get in touch before buying ad slots. 
Whats the procedure for buying ad slots?
Buying ad slots
You can make an ad slot purchase in our FDI Type webshop. After the purchase we will get in touch and ask you for the banner images, URLs and texts. We will then manually set up the ads for you in our ad system. 
Can I see stats for my ads?
Ad stats
We currently do not offer access to ad stats. The view counting is fully automated and the ad delivery ends automatically when the booked view count is reached. 
We do not track link clicks. If you want track banner clicks yourself, feel free to provide a click URL with a unique identifier, e.g.
Can I buy more page views/time?
Ad plans
The products in our shop are base prices. If you buy a 50,000 ad impressions package once, you get 50,000 impression. If you buy this product twice, you get 100,000 impression. 
In a similar way, the monthly site sponsor offer is extended to several months if you raise the quantity of the purchase. 

Buy ad slots now

Ad slots for and Typography.Guru are sold in the FDI Type shop.

Are you open for other brand deals?

Yes, of course. Please get in touch if you want to discuss other brand deals (e.g. appearing in our YouTube videos, doing product reviews/raffles and so on.)